When to board?

//When to board?

It’s hard to believe we have been back in full swing for nearly two weeks.  It has been an excellent start to the term and we are delighted with the way that all our nineteen new children have settled.  It is also very gratifying to see that the twelve boarding convertors are thriving.


There has been some debate in the press recently following an article by a well-known historian and broadcaster stating that ‘No child should board before the age of 16!’  Rachel and I, along with many other Heads, are attending the Annual Conference of the Boarding Schools’ Association this week and I know that there will be many people there, all of whom are passionate about the merits of boarding, who will be totally incensed by this statement.

If I were able to persuade the author of the article and any other sceptics to come and see Windlesham in action, I am more than confident that they would walk away eating their words about younger children boarding.  I don’t believe that there is a better environment in which to be than in an English boarding Prep school, especially during the summer term.  The children love the opportunity to play outside and quite frankly it ensures they make the very most of their childhood.

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