There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.

At Windlesham House School we recognise that in order for children to learn, they need to feel safe, secure, appropriately challenged and equally supported. This new department has been introduced in response to the increased mental health issues children have been facing during the last few years. This has partly been confounded by social media pressures, heightened awareness of global challenges, both political and environmental, and the covid pandemic.

The Children’s Society reports that in the last three years the likelihood of young people having a mental health problem has increased by 50%. Now, 1 in 6 children aged 5 -16 are likely to have a mental health problem. 39.2% have experienced mental health issues since 2017. More than two thirds of young people would prefer to be able to access mental health support without going through their GP. 34% of those who do get referred into NHS services are not accepted into treatment.

″You are not alone. You are seen. I am with you. You are not alone.″

Shonda Rhimes

Within the Personal Development Department, there is a PSHE and RSE teaching room. We also offer a wellbeing room where children can go to destress, learn techniques to manage anxiety, to talk or just to think. Art as therapy is also provided for any child who might enjoy or benefit from an extra creative outlet. Careers advice is available for those children who are already thinking about their longer term aspirations.

Diana Evans