Boys and girls are accommodated in dormitories in separate areas of the school. The boys wing is run by the Heads of Boys Boarding, Adam and Triona Pearson. The girls wing is run by Alice Wright and they are supported by assistants and a team of Matrons.

The dormitories vary in size, with most of the boys’ side having 8 to 10 children in each room and the girls’ side 6 to 8. They sleep in a mixture of single beds and bunk beds. The children bring their own duvet covers and pillowcases if they wish and are encouraged to put up posters, post cards etc. on the wall space by their bed. They also bring soft toys and family photos to make their space more personal.

In each wing there is a Comfy room where the children are able to relax, play games, and on TV night, watch a film.

In the evenings each year group goes to bed twenty minutes later than the previous one and they have 15 minutes of quiet time when they may read a book or their mail or write a diary. After the lights are turned out an audio story relevant to each age group is played for 30 minutes. Staff remain actively on duty in each wing until 10:45pm, after which the resident staff, who have flats in the dormitory areas, are available to be called upon by the children throughout the night.

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