There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.

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Living and learning with friends

Boys and girls are accommodated in dormitories in separate areas of the school.

Bright, airy dormitories provide a comforting sanctuary for boarders, with boys and girls enjoying their own separate wing of the building. The dorms vary in size, with most of the boys’ side having eight to ten children in each room and the girls’ side six to eight.

They sleep in a mixture of single beds and bunk beds and children bring their own duvet covers. Personalising their area of the room is wholeheartedly encouraged and many pupils like to put up pictures of family, pets or their favourite band.


In each wing there is a ‘comfy room’ where the children are able to relax, play games, and on TV night, watch a film before bedtime.

Bedtime is a calming experience, with time for reading, catching up on the day and an audio book after lights out. Each year group goes to bed 20 minutes later than the previous one and they have 15 minutes of quiet time when they can read a book or open letters they have been sent.

Staff remain actively on duty in each wing until late, after which the resident staff, who have flats in the dormitory areas, are available throughout the night.