There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.

Pastoral care

What is the most important part of a school? The lessons? Its location? The facilities? The food?

At Windlesham House, it is the child. Whilst outstanding lessons, a beautiful setting, excellent facilities and a healthy lunch are all important, our child-centred approach to pastoral care means we have a community that prides itself on knowing every pupil as an individual. A multi-layered structure ensures the little niggles don’t become big concerns, and the children know who they can talk to when they have things on their mind. A weekly pastoral theme enables the children to share their views on topics ranging from resilience to British values, empathy to anti-bullying, all as a way of raising awareness and developing them into respectful, caring, curious individuals. Regular pupil voice sessions ensure they are listened to, and that they feel involved in how their school experience evolves.

Children at play

It is the combination of our pastoral care and excellent educational, sporting, music and drama facilities that sets us apart from other schools. At Windlesham House, there are many areas where children can safely play as ‘children’ indoors and outdoors… including the woods, playgrounds, dens and trees as well as the gardens in 65 glorious acres of land which surround the school.

Wellbeing hub

The wellbeing hub is a welcome space away from the hustle and bustle of the day where the children can sit and chat, and our dedicated school counsellor offers discreet support for any child who might need that extra hand to help them make progress. We want the children to look back on their days at Windlesham House with genuine happiness and fondness because of the way they were made to feel. That they were important, we listened and they were heard, is just as key to us as their academic achievements, musical ability or sporting prowess!

The House System

Every pupil joins one of six houses led by two house parents. The children are fiercely proud of their houses and will compete in various events throughout the year to build points. These events range from the sporting (inter-house football, hockey, netball, swimming to name a few ) to the creative (house singing and creative arts day being hugely popular). The children can also earn stars for their houses through their academic work during the week. 

The house parents will meet with the children regularly to create a sense of togetherness and community within a community. Two Year 8 pupils act as house captains for each house and together they form part of the school pupil leadership team. 

Form Tutor

Each child has a daily meeting with their form tutor who makes sure they are happy and ready for each day.  They also monitor their academic progress and are the first point of contact for parents.

Alongside their tutor, each child’s houseparent ensures that they are happy at school and developing academically and socially. Children who attend Windlesham House can review their academic efforts, and consequent progress with their personal tutor regularly.

Additionally in a tutorial session, our pupils have an opportunity to review their co-curricular choices and involvement in sport, music, art, drama and activities with their tutor who will make sure they have the right balance and are happy.