Pastoral Care at Windlesham

Windlesham has excellent educational, sporting, music and drama facilities, and areas in which children can safely play as ‘children’ in the woods, playgrounds, dens, trees and gardens in the 65 glorious acres of land which surround the school. However, it is the combination of this and our pastoral care that sets Windlesham apart from other schools.

The Headmaster’s wife, Rachel Foster, is our Head of Pastoral Care, and in this role she works closely with the Headmaster and the Houseparents to ensure the school becomes every child’s ‘home from home’. Each pupil joins one of six houses led by experienced Houseparents (each house has a female and male Houseparent), who are responsible for looking after the children. They provide the children with first-rate pastoral care and ensure that our parents, children and teachers are talking to each other at all times about the welfare and happiness of the children. This ranges from overseeing a child’s relationships with other children and adults in the Windlesham community, to finding a child’s lost items or giving advice on making a birthday party list!

Our Houseparents’ are central to life at Windlesham, because they are responsible for ensuring that information about a child is shared with parents and staff.  Houseparents are the first point of contact with the school when wishing to discuss their child’s welfare. Houseparents are experienced teachers with a good knowledge of the school, the children in their care and the educational world in general. Additional care is provided in the evenings by experienced, long standing matrons and resident staff.

Each child has twice-weekly meetings with a personal tutor, as well as form and subject teachers on a daily basis. Alongside the tutor, each child’s Houseparent ensures that he or she is happy at school and developing academically and socially.

Children who attend Windlesham can review their academic efforts, and consequent progress with their personal tutor regularly. Additionally in a tutorial, our pupils have an opportunity to review their extra-curricular choices and involvement in sport, music, art, drama and activities with a tutor who will get to know them well.

The medical care and well-being of every child at Windlesham is of paramount importance to us. Our Medical Centre is led by Melanie Munn and her team of qualified nurses who operate 24/7 care for the children. We also have two Doctors’ surgeries each week.