There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.

Our values

At Windlesham House, we take great pride in the individual journey our pupils go on whilst here and what sort of child they become at the end of that journey. They are encouraged to be curious, we want them to be creative, celebrate each other’s successes, show commitment in everything they do, make a contribution and show that they care.



Our vision

The first choice prep school providing a high quality, innovative and distinctive education in a creative and inspirational environment.

Our mission

To provide a stimulating, nurturing and safe environment where pupils are happy and develop into confident, independent learners who embrace challenge, gain a lifelong love of learning, are prepared to take risks and have kind and generous hearts.

Our aims

  • Providing educational excellence through the provision of effective and inspiring teaching, encouraging enthusiasm for learning and enabling each pupil to achieve their potential
  • Sustaining a supportive, kind and happy environment where the individual and spiritual needs of the pupils and staff are recognised and provided for within a community that celebrates diversity
  • Encouraging pupils to be self-confident, self motivating and self-disciplined within a safe, nurturing and caring community ensuring they progress to their chosen senior schools as successful individuals
  • Attracting, developing and retaining exceptional staff whose commitment to the children is transformational whilst also continually seeking opportunities to grow and develop through the investment in first class facilities and resources
  • Communicating and collaborating closely with parents to understand their expectations and aspirations
  • Ensuring a bespoke and modern boarding environment tailored to each pupil’s individual needs

″Our teachers really go above and beyond. They are forward thinking, conscientious and do a brilliant job engaging every single learner.″

Ben Evans, Headmaster