There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.

Windlesham Values

At Windlesham House, we take great pride in the individual journey our pupils go on whilst here and what sort of child they come at the end of that journey. They are encouraged to be curious, we want them to be creative, celebrate each other’s successes, show commitment in everything they do, make a contribution and show that they care.

I am Curious

We encourage our pupils to ask questions. Being curious is a key ingredient to learning because it doesn’t just lead to us broadening our knowledge of something, it also enables us to make connections with pieces of information.

I Create

We are a school that loves being creative. We believe that by encouraging creativity in everything we do allows us to build confidence and a lifelong passion for the things we love.

We Celebrate

Windlesham children rarely need an excuse to celebrate! We celebrate the success of others including individuals achievements from ‘citizen of the week’ awards in the Pre-Prep to scholarships to senior schools and sports wins.

I am Committed

We are committed to achieving and succeeding in doing the best we can in everything we do. It starts with a commitment to learning in the classroom. It  applies to sport and the responsibilities we take on individually and in groups. 

I Contribute

Contribution in lessons and debates but also to the whole school community.  We are encouraged to be part of the wider school and give our views on the different areas.

We Care

Windlesham House prides itself on caring about all its pupils, staff and the wider community. Every child belongs to a house with tutors and houseparents. We care about our environment and work hard to keep current issues such as reducing food waste and minimising our use of plastic, at the forefront of all our green initiatives.


″The teachers are so conscientious, they have made a brilliant job of transforming their lessons and having a weekly call from the class teacher really goes above and beyond″

Ben Evans, Headmaster