The majority of boys and girls at Windlesham board – sometimes because their parents live abroad, sometimes because their parents live in London and always because they love the fun, friendly atmosphere where they are encouraged to ‘grow up’ in what is often described as the “Windlesham Family”. Increasingly we see local children who begin in the younger years as day, campaigning heavily (and heartily!) to their parents to board. Sport, music and extra curricula activities become increasingly interwoven into a child’s day as they grow older, and become more aware of the enrichment that boarding at Windlesham brings.

Our learning development, pastoral care and strong moral guidance ensure that every child gains the most from this unique environment, while parents and family are encouraged to spend as much time as they can in social activities organised around music, sport, drama and chapel services. Indeed, every child is encouraged to write a weekly letter home, which has become a tradition at Windlesham, and something parents tell us they love to receive and keep!

Busy days are so well planned that many of the normal stresses and strains of day school life, where children commute almost as much as their parents do, are forgotten.

A boarder’s day begins with a leisurely breakfast together with teachers where children can chat about the day, upcoming sports matches and generally socialise with peers and seniors. Some may have already practised a musical instrument or played with friends before eating, after which it is just a couple of minutes walk to the classroom.

At the end of the day, a whole variety of activities, from windsurfing and cookery to tennis and clay pigeon shooting keep them happily engaged. Children then complete their prep together, have supper and then enjoy some free time. Bedtime and lights out are always a warm familiar routine with audio stories, reading time and time to talk on the phone or skype parents.

Parents are always welcome to visit and stay in regular contact with Houseparents or other members of staff. Children can call home or keep in touch by email. Overseas boarders are well-catered for with their travel arrangements carefully co-ordinated by the school office.

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