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Preparing our pupils for an uncertain future

The rapidly changing nature of the workplace in the 21st Century leaves no doubt about the importance of the need to teach and foster certain skills to thrive as our children will be employed in roles that do not yet exist.

In recognition of this we have launched an exciting new ‘Windlesham Diploma’ which is unique to Windlesham and designed for pupils in years 7 and 8.

The new Diploma runs alongside the long established and rich academic and co-curricular opportunities at Windlesham to ensure pupils receive an academically rigorous curriculum together with valuable skill development.

This gives children the room and opportunity to see new things, learn different ways of thinking and approaching a problem, take risks, be involved and discover new interests and passions.

(For our pupils in years 4 to 6 we have launching the ‘Windlesham Challenge‘ …please click here for details.)

″Our pupils will learn essential skills like problem solving, taking risks, being part of a team and leadership...″

Ben Evans

Unique To Windlesham...

The Windlesham Diploma is a bespoke two-year course followed by all pupils in years 7 and 8 and taking place on Saturday mornings.

It is unique to Windlesham and designed to equip our pupils with the skills and attributes required to flourish at their senior schools and life beyond.

The Windlesham Diploma is studied alongside the standard ISEB 13+ curriculum and Common Entrance examinations but aims to enhance those studies by encouraging pupils to adopt the Windlesham Values throughout their learning to become accomplished, confident and resilient young people with well-developed communication and critical thinking skills.

Each pupil keeps a weekly journal of their studies and reflect on their development through self-evaluation. Form teachers and House Parents oversee each individual pupil’s progress.

Pupils’ progress and achievement is recognised through a system of continuous assessment and at the end of the two years, each pupil is awarded the Windlesham Diploma at either pass, merit or distinction to recognise their personal development and achievement.

What does the Diploma cover?

The Windlesham Diploma covers four areas of study:

> Leadership and Team Spirit

An exploration of the theory of leadership and practical application, collaboration and team work. Pupils will explore themselves as leaders as well as the essential elements of effective team spirit.

> Personal Development and Life Skills (incl. entrepreneurship)

This element of the Diploma will cover a number of areas of academic and co-curricular enrichment including entrepreneurship, the attributes of an effective learner, pupils’ individual social development and essential life skills. The modules will primarily be taught practically and collaboratively.

> Community Responsibility

It is essential that our pupils understand their place in society and that they grow and develop the skills necessary through their school years to take up a valuable and worthwhile role in their future lives.

> Outdoor Education

Physical development and challenges together with exposure to the great outdoors foster a sense of achievement, self-worth and encourage risk-taking, involvement and a healthy life-style.

This module will take full advantage of the school’s extensive grounds, comprehensive facilities and location with the South Downs National Park and proximity to the coast.


″The ethos. The kids are open, curious, well-rounded and kind. They support each other and importantly the international environment prepares them for today’s world″

Windlesham Parent

There’s plenty we could tell you about life at Windlesham, but it’s much better to experience a taste of it in real life.

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