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Scholarship programme

Scholarships are awarded to children in Years 5-8 who demonstrate an exceptional talent in one of the areas listed below. Whilst we do not offer a financial reward for scholarships, we will nurture and support your child in their chosen area of specialism.

  • Academic
  • Sport
  • Music 
  • Drama
  • Art
  • All-rounder (two areas plus CAT4 in the above average range)

To be eligible for a scholarship there are a number of criteria that each child must meet which are appropriate for their year group and the type of scholarship. If a child is awarded a scholarship they will be enrolled on the scholarship programme and will take part in various enrichment activities which are designed to further their abilities and prepare them for scholarships to senior schools, should they wish to pursue a 13+ scholarship. There are also various expectations and commitments that the child will be asked to make during their time at Windlesham House. 

The scholarship assessment will take place in the spring term of each year. The assessment day will include a CAT4 test for each applicant, an interview and a scholarship specific task or assessment. We aim to make the day as enjoyable as possible and to ensure that they have a great day, whatever the outcome. If you would like to receive more details about the criteria or assessment day please contact us by emailing the admissions office.

Bursaries (additional financial support)

Means-tested bursaries (grants towards fees) are also available to scholars who require additional financial support. To apply for a bursary, your child must have been awarded a scholarship in the first instance. If our bursary programme is of interest, please contact us for more information.