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We love sport!

At Windlesham House, our view is that sports are all about games – and games should be fun!

Our approach is that if a child works their socks off, but the outcome isn’t quite what they had hoped for, we look at the value in the process rather than focusing on the target that wasn’t hit.

We like to encourage our children to play multiple sports and feel that early sports specialisation isn’t always the best route forward.

A well-rounded sports experience fosters better athleticism and is a great way to teach kids to mix with different social circles as well.

Playing a range of sports

We provide the opportunity for all pupils to play at the best and most appropriate level for themselves.

This may be at inter-house, inter-school, county or at national level. Core sports are football, girls football, rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, girls cricket, rounders, athletics, swimming and tennis. On top of these sports, we have badminton, basketball, dance and table tennis teams.

Sports tours are a regular feature of our games programme, giving pupils the chance to experience the competition and camaraderie that these events bring to life.

″The school is justly proud of its 25 metre, six lane swimming pool and indoors sports hall opened by five time Olympian Mark Foster.″

Muddy Stilletos

Learning from losing

On a serious note, with more and more tournaments on offer, we have a generation of children who are being desensitized to losing.

Losing is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean that we should be satisfied with it!

Hard work, teamwork and a job well done…

The PE and games department looks to motivate children to work harder so that it doesn’t happen again.

We hope to educate children that the true reward is the satisfaction that comes from knowing that they did ‘the best’ they could do.

A trophy should be a reminder of hard work, teamwork and a job well done.

It must not diminish the value of exceptional performance or service – we don’t deserve a party every time we accomplish something!

Exceptional facilities

Our exceptional facilities, including a state-of-the art indoor swimming pool and sports hall and our impeccable grounds provide endless opportunities for self-development.

Top sporting awards won at the major public schools are testament to Windlesham House’s ability to bring youngsters on.

We believe that sport is a fabulous vehicle to instil a range of positive qualities aside from athleticism – and give important lessons for life.

Mark Duncan, Head of Sport