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Message from Gilly Prichard, the schools admissions manager who is here to help.

The Future of Windlesham

We continue to learn, grow and innovate and be at the forefront of good educational practice.

Mutley the Cat

Mutley is head cat and plays a big part in our community.

We are Distinctive

Learn more about our rich and broad curriculum and the essential skills we teach for the children to have successful and accomplished futures.

3 Words To Describe Windlesham

Our teachers tell us what they think about Windlesham.

Happy Children

We encourage our children to thrive and be themselves. We believe Windlesham children are happy children.

Living at Windlesham

Whether our pupils return home at the end of the day or board with us, they are the most important part of school life.

Art at Windlesham

Miranda Clark, Head of Art talks about our art curriculum where we aim to inspire our children in a thriving atmosphere.

Drama at Windlesham

Fiona Jenkins, Head of Drama talks about our wonderful drama facilities and the opportunities we have for everyone.

Design Technology

Stuart Edwards, Head of Design Technology explains the range of subjects we have within DT for the pupils to develop their creativity across different subjects.

What We Love About Windlesham

Our pupils & teachers tell us what they love most about our school.

Year 3 with Mrs Hallam

Our wonderful Year 3 teacher Lucy Hallam explains the structure in the junior years at Windlesham.

Learning at WIndlesham

Our academic provision is excellent, with specialist teachers we really get to know our pupils individually ensuring they become confident the best independent learners.

Opportunities at Windlesham

With all of our outstanding facilities, we ensure the learning at Windlesham is at its very best.

Catering at Windlesham

Jonno Johnstone, the Chef Manager at Windlesham brings a wonderful variety of nutritionally balanced food to our canteen. We have something for everyone to enjoy!


Filming throughout school wasn't perfect. We hope you enjoy the outtakes from recent filming!

More Films…

Message from Headmaster, Ben Evans

We aim to develop and prepare our pupils for the challenges they will face beyond school, enabling them to acquire life skills, self-awareness and compassion.

Windlesham House School Film

Find out why were are different, see the school in action and meet the headmaster, the teachers and the pupils here at Windlesham.

Our Grounds

Fly over our grounds and see what our school has to offer. This video was filmed, produced and edited by Finn, Year 7 Pupil.

Interview with a Boarding Pupil

Melody, Year 7 tells us about her experience coming to Windlesham.

Life at Windlesham

Take a look in to the daily life Windlesham has to offer from the stunning scenery to life in the classroom and eating lunch with your lifelong friends.

Boys Boarding House Tour

Tour the boys boarding house and meet Adam Pearson, Head of Boys' Boarding.

Interview with a Boarding Pupil - Mandarin

Melody, Year 7 tells us in Mandarin about her experience coming to Windlesham.

Meet Alice Wright, Head of Girls' Boarding

Find out more about girls boarding at Windlesham and meet Alice and her family who live in the girls boarding house.

Meet Adam Pearson, Head of Boys' Boarding

Find out more about boys boarding at Windlesham and meet Adam who lives in the boys boarding house with his wife and two children.

Sarah Sutherland, Head of Pre-Prep

Sarah Sutherland is here to help you make the right decision for your family, we can help you arrange a tour whether this be virtual or live at the right time for you.

Pastoral Care at Windlesham

Jon Farrer, Assistant Head Pastoral & Designated Safeguarding Lead, explains what we do here at Windlesham to create a safe environment for each individual.

The Sports Centre & Swimming Pool

See our impressive sports hall, swimming complex and yoga studio.

Storytime with Sarah Sutherland

Head of Pre-Prep prepares a story for all the little ones to hear.

A Parent's View

Become part of Windlesham Community.

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Exploreour school and find out why we love it...