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Living, Day & Boarding


Boarding & Day

As Ben Evans, Headmaster, explains, Windlesham House School is one of the UK’s oldest boarding schools and has a long and distinguished history of full boarding and weekly and flexible ‘flexi’ boarding are popular too, not forgetting the very important role day pupils play in the Windlesham community.

The School Houses & House Parents

Mel Clark, House Parent, explains how the ‘House Parents’ support the children in their House and celebrate their achievements. When children join Windlesham they not only become a lifelong member of the wider Windlesham community but a strong member of one of 6 School Houses at Windlesham for the time they are at the school.

Food, Glorious Food

Staff and pupils constantly sing the praises of food, glorious food at Windlesham House School… our Chef Manager Jonno Johnstone explains how he and his team ensure they are so well catered for.

Girls' Boarding

Some of the girls who board at Windlesham House School and Alice Wright, Head of Girls’ Boarding, explain what life is like for full, weekly and flexible ‘flexi’ boarders in the Girls’ Boarding House.

Boys' Boarding

Adam Pearson, Head of Boys’ Boarding, and a former day pupil who has recently decided to board explain what life is like for full, weekly and flexible ‘flexi’ boarders in the Boys’ Boarding House at Windlesham House School.

Flexible Boarding

One of our pupils explains why she boards and the flexible ‘flexi’ boarding experience at Windlesham House School.

The Boys' Boarding Experience

Jack Scullion, Assistant Head of Boys’ Boarding, gives an insight into the wonderful boarding experience at Windlesham, introducing the fantastic boarding facilities (including comfy play areas, the lounge with movie projector for movie nights and the dormitories) and explains the evening routine which culminates in lights-out and a story played through ceiling speakers.

Boys Boarding Tour

Tour the Boys’ Boarding House and meet Adam Pearson, Head of Boys’ Boarding.

Interview with a Boarding Pupil

Melody, Year 7 tells us about her experience coming to Windlesham.

Pastoral Care At Windlesham

Jon Farrer, Assistant Head Pastoral & Designated Safeguarding Lead, explains what we do here at Windlesham to create a safe environment for each individual.

Interview with a Boarding Pupil - Mandarin

Melody, Year 7 tells us in Mandarin about her experience coming to Windlesham.

Ben Evans, Headmaster

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Ben Evans, Headmaster, explains Windlesham House School’s many strengths and the different opportunities children have to excel over each extended day.


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Our admissions team explains the admissions process. If you have any questions about your son or daughter joining Windlesham House please don’t hesitate to contact admissions on +44 (0)7719 328396 or email:


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The School Day

Our Headmaster Ben Evans talks the school day highlighting that Windlesham is a busy and vibrant school and how the staff want to ensure every pupil gets the most out of every day.


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What you won’t see in the other films about Windlesham House School… our latest ‘outtakes’ reel showing what happened when the official filming finished!


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Playing Sports

An introduction to all the sports played at Windlesham House School and Windlesham’s fantastic facilities from Mark Duncan, Director of Sports.

Pre-Prep & Reception

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Pre-Prep & Reception

Deputy Head Sarah Sutherland, introduces the purpose-built Pre-Prep & Reception at Windlesham House School, where younger pupils benefit from excellent facilities and dedicated specialist teachers with ‘wrap-around’ care and access to the teachers and facilities of the Prep school.

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