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The School Day

Our Headmaster Ben Evans talks the school day highlighting that Windlesham is a busy and vibrant school and how the staff want to ensure every pupil gets the most out of every day.


Pippa Sutcliffe, Assistant Head Academic, explains how teaching and learning is at the heart of Windlesham House School and every teacher is passionate about helping ensure every child becomes a confident, creative and independent learner.

Design Technology

Stuart Edwards, Head of Design Technology, explains how girls and boys at Windlesham House School learn about textiles, graphic design and resistant materials, gaining a range of experience from hand tools to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and manufacture.

A Love Of Literature

At Windlesham we believe children immersed in literature from the earliest possible age, build their voice from their exploration of novels, poetry and plays. In this video Nigel Parkin, Head of English, explains how the study of English teaches children to look and listen closely to the world around them, supporting everything an education at Windlesham is all about.

Meet Some of Our Digital Leaders

Learn about the work of the ‘Digital Leaders’ as some of the pupils volunteer for the role explain what they do… contributing to Windlesham’s position as an ‘Apple Distinguished School’ and supporting Windlesham’s vision for technology.


Windlesham House School has a thriving Art department as Miranda Clark, Head of Art, explains. Pupils develop their curiosity, creativity and imagination through art, pottery and textile at Windlesham… giving them a lifelong appreciation of art and craft and resulting in many winning art scholarships to senior schools.

Active, Curious, Creative, Effective Learners

In this video Pippa Sutcliffe, Assistant Head Academic, explains why pupil’s learning habits are so important at Windlesham, underpinning teaching and learning and linking into the student tracking and reward systems and teacher-parent reporting.

The Library - A Magical Place

The Library at Windlesham is one of the children’s favourite places at Windlesham, for timetabled lessons and for spending time on their own, with their own personal projects, or sharing time with their friends. As Nigel Parkin, Head of English, explains, our richly resourced Library is one of the places that feels like home to them.


Discover the incredible opportunities for learning music at Windlesham House School enjoyed by every pupil and hear from three of our young musicians.


There are 4 big productions at Windlesham House School each year as well as other productions like the annual Shakespeare festival each Summer, as Fiona Jenkins, Head of Drama, explains, and every child has a drama class each week.

Years 1 & 2 - Laying Strong Foundations

Jane Johnstone, Year 1 Class Teacher explains how our children in Years 1 and 2 also benefit from specialist teachers from the Prep School with a huge range of subjects such as World Languages, Cooking, Drama, Forest School, PE and Swimming.

Years 3 & 4 - Building Strong Foundations

As Windlesham’s Head of Pre-Prep (and Phase Lead for Years 3 and 4) Sarah Sutherland explains how the children in Years 3 and 4 continue to receive specialist lessons in Art, Music, Drama ICT, Design Technology and Forest School.

Year 3 Teaching

Lucy Hallam talks about teaching her Year 3 class at Windlesham House School.

The Stone Age At Windlesham

One of our pupils explains her love of art and cooking and how she has learned about the Stone Age from both, thanks to a carefully planned and integrated curriculum typical of teaching and learning at Windlesham House School.

Ben Evans, Headmaster

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Ben Evans, Headmaster, explains Windlesham House School’s many strengths and the different opportunities children have to excel over each extended day.


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Our admissions team explains the admissions process. If you have any questions about your son or daughter joining Windlesham House please don’t hesitate to contact admissions on +44 (0)7719 328396 or email:

Living, Day & Boarding

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Boarding & Day

As Ben Evans, Headmaster, explains, Windlesham House School is one of the UK’s oldest boarding schools and has a long and distinguished history of full boarding and weekly and flexible ‘flexi’ boarding are popular too, not forgetting the very important role day pupils play in the Windlesham community.


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What you won’t see in the other films about Windlesham House School… our latest ‘outtakes’ reel showing what happened when the official filming finished!


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Playing Sports

An introduction to all the sports played at Windlesham House School and Windlesham’s fantastic facilities from Mark Duncan, Director of Sports.

Pre-Prep & Reception

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Pre-Prep & Reception

Deputy Head Sarah Sutherland, introduces the purpose-built Pre-Prep & Reception at Windlesham House School, where younger pupils benefit from excellent facilities and dedicated specialist teachers with ‘wrap-around’ care and access to the teachers and facilities of the Prep school.

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