There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.

Academic overview

At Windlesham we believe that children should be able to start their academic journeys with a wide range of subject options to help them explore their own thinking styles and give them a head start in life.

The range of academic subjects available is extensive, and children are encouraged to understand the context and value of each subject they choose to learn.

Latest teaching practices

Our academic staff bring leading edge educational practice to each subject area.

We stay close to the very latest teaching practices and supporting technologies which include state of the art ICT provision with both Apple and PC learning platforms which are so central to a child’s future in our digital world.

As well as Spanish, French and Latin, we also offer an extended range of languages, including Mandarin.

Every subject area provides the option of extra clinics, and prep is supervised, with teachers on hand at all times for questions and advice.

Extended curriculum

Beyond the importance of the core curriculum, we are committed to preparing children for each aspect of today’s changing world.

Importance is placed on critical thinking, understanding the wider context and developing life skills which will last right through to the world of work.

Philosophy & Ethics is studied in Year 8 to encourage children to treat each other well, and develop the right values.

All this has produced an impressive track record of children reaching their senior school of choice, frequently with academic scholarships.

2022 saw our best ever Common Entrance results and record number of scholarships to senior schools.

Last year, Windlesham pupils won two of the fourteen highly prized Kings’ Scholarships at Eton.

We help parents decide which is the best school for their child as an individual and send pupils to the most prestigious.

When the time comes to leave Windlesham children do so as confident, curious, clever and above all, kind people who are ready to make a difference in their world.