Next Open Morning – 11 March 2023

Welcome to the Windlesham woodland

Our new forest school program is for all children from Reception to Year 4 and is the perfect setting for exploring, discovering, building friendships, connecting with nature and finding peace in the busy school week.

The forest school becomes the centre for talking about our discoveries and achievements, reflection for our thoughts and feelings from the day, for warming our hands and for cooking delicious woodland treats and recipes.

The children explore so much within forest school that gives them a taste wonder and intrigue and also explore important aspects like the boundaries of the site, ensuring we are aware of the potential risks around us and that we feel safe and secure in the environment.

Our Ethos

In Reception year Ms Wild our Forest School Teacher spends her time teaching and having lots of fun learning about who and what lives in the forest, discovering the habitats of furry creatures and bugs.

Year 1 and Year 2 make a start on identifying the trees in our woodland using multisensory led sessions by getting to know the trees which surround them by smelling, feeling and in some cases even hugging!

Year 3 and Year 4 expand start to expand their knowledge even further by using simple plant identification techniques with Ms Wild.


″There have been shrieks of excitement as small woodland treasures are discovered.″

Ms Wild