There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.

The Windlesham woodland

The beautiful woodland of Windlesham, made up of a wonderful array of fauna and flora, is the perfect setting for exploring, discovering, imagining, connecting with nature and finding peace in the busy school week.  

Our Ethos

Forest school is an opportunity for our children to play and explore freely in nature, experiencing the awe and wonder of the natural world first hand, following their interests and initiating their own ideas for learning.  

Through carefully resourced sessions, we aim to equip children with a variety of practical, survival skills that are built on and refined over time. These skills, such as using simple woodworking tools and lighting fire, encourage children to take risks in their learning and build resilience, confidence and self esteem.  

A typical forest school session may start around the fire circle, sharing ideas for the day and what we would like to achieve. The children are then free to explore the woodland, within our established boundaries. Some children may choose to stay close to the fire circle, helping to build the fire, light it and perhaps cook something on it for their classmates. Others may go off in groups to work on a shelter or to whittle a stick that will later be used as a tool for writing. Some children may choose to sit quietly under a tree, watching a spider spinning it’s web, whilst others immerse themselves in imaginative games or digging for worms in the mud kitchen. All activities are equally beneficial and all are celebrated. Ms Wild is always on hand to observe, ask questions and guide the children further in their discoveries. The session often finishes with reflection of what we have found and enjoyed and a ceremonial extinguishing of the fire. 

As children move through the school, their experience of forest school helps them to become confident, empowered individuals, who share a deep understanding of nature and a desire to care for and protect their environment for the future.


″There have been shrieks of excitement as small woodland treasures are discovered.″

Ms Wild