Start of the summer term

//Start of the summer term

I am delighted to say the start of the summer term has lived up to my hopes and expectations.  Whilst strange to begin the term ahead of most schools, we were blessed with glorious sunshine for the first few days.  I have been quoted before as saying that, “there is no better place than Windlesham in the summer term” and this scenario was definitely played out by the sight of all the children happily catching up with their friends on that first afternoon.  It is always so heartening when you know the children are genuinely pleased to be back and such is the atmosphere here that the staff are equally happy to welcome the children back too.

I cannot recall a better INSET in all my time of teaching.  We had a wonderful, but hard-hitting, presentation from Dick Moore about the dangers of not detecting mental health issues in young people.  It was so gratifying to hear him pour compliments about the fact that the welcome he received completely matched up to his expectations having read our website and he had plenty of evidence to confirm that our level of pastoral care was as good as any he had seen.

I was very keen that all the staff should be exposed to first-hand feedback from Mungo Dunnett whose ever more popular organisation conducts research on how schools are rated or, shall I say, perceived, by parents.  His scrutiny is rigorous and very professional. Whilst there are definitely things that would be conceived as weaknesses, the over-riding message was extremely positive and he went so far as to say that out of well over 100 schools he had appraised, Windlesham was up there with the very best.  Quite an accolade but he rightly stressed that we could not afford to rest on our laurels. There is no danger of this under my watch!  I have always known that when things are going well that is when you have to work even harder to improve further because it is the only way to enhance your reputation.

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