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Our aim is to encourage a love of the subject and to open up the wonder and magic of the past

History is packed with excitement, drama, mystery, action, danger, romance and any number of grisly details. Children can indulge their imagination and curiosity from the security and comfort of the 21st Century, as they uncover our extraordinary past. This fascination should never leave them. We take a pride in our lively lessons. When the subject is interesting, hard work is rewarding. At Windlesham, History lessons should be fun and should always be interesting. Children are encouraged to question and to discuss.

Our style of teaching and learning is to generate interest in and enjoyment of History for its own sake rather than as an examination subject that has to be done.

The History syllabus

Our History syllabus aims to develop a variety of different life skills including visual and emotional literacy, citizenship and an understanding of cause and effect. We teach a well rounded and inclusive History curriculum that incorporates what we believe to be the best of the National and ISEB syllabuses.

We cover a variety of different periods of history, showing links and evolution of ideas from previous learning wherever possible. The periods studied are: Medieval, Tudor, Discoverers, Saxons, Vikings, Victorians, WWII, Ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

As a department we maintain that the philosophy of teaching History is to motivate and inspire pupils, to build their confidence and to achieve success and we try to make History at Windlesham an exciting, dynamic, relevant and active subject. Recent school trips have included visits to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum and further afield to Hampton Court Palace, Fishbourne, the National Army Museum and the Imperial War Museum.

Jon Stephens, Head of History