Over half of  Year 8 have applied for scholarships at their chosen senior schools which is highly impressive and displays the range of talent across the oldest children in the school. Three pupils attended scholarships before Christmas and the rest will take place between now and the end of May.

We held a mock scholarship morning exposing the pupils to a range of activities that they might experience at their prospective schools. The morning started with interview etiquette and how to present themselves in a formal situation. We focused on the language that should be used and the way to greet people. The pupils worked in their specific specialist subject areas studying the sort of questions they might be asked and preparing answers to them, discussing different responses.  The staff supported each group chatting to each pupil ensuring that they were comfortable about how they would respond and answering any questions that they might have.

To conclude the morning, Mrs Bolton displayed how not to behave in an interview.  Pupils were able to advise Mrs Bolton on how she should conduct herself in an interview. You will be pleased to know that Mrs Bolton was given a second chance and was excellent!