We have been extremely busy and creative in the art department with some wonderful projects underway. Year 4 has been working on their cherry tree paintings and learning about Claude Monet and Van Gogh. Year 7 has been developing still life paintings of bottles using construction lines and detailed brush work. Year 8 has enjoyed lino carving and printing with images inspired by Mark Hearld and William Morris.

The pottery wheels were running at the weekend, and George and Jamie spent a few hours creating some pots perfecting their techniques centring the clay. Once it is centred, wonderful pots are made. It’s quite mucky but it really is great fun! You can see a video clip attached here.

Percy showed great resilience by recreating an owl he made in clay after the first one exploded in the kiln (due possibly to trapped air bubbles). His second piece was bigger and just as lovely as his first creation, so well done to Percy! It is drying out now and we will all be praying it doesn’t crack when it goes into the biscuit firing.

Year 5 pupils have been busy completing their tie-dyed and embroidered bags ready for survival night later this month. Year 4 has been looking at colour and developed their God’s eyes whilst practising their knotting skills.

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