If asked, would you be able to name the core British Values? This week the children have been reminded about what they are and more importantly how they apply to their individual experience whilst at Windlesham:

DEMOCRACY is demonstrated in school when the children contribute to the way the school runs. They do this through the different school councils, pupil voice sessions and by talking to staff. They can also influence their lessons by putting their hand up and responding.

RULE OF LAW in school is reinforced by the children knowing there are certain expectations that are used to mirror British laws and must be respected. They also recognise that there will be consequences for their actions and that we all have a responsibility to promote and protect the well-being of others.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY reminds the children that they are free to think as they see fit. They have the freedom to make choices but this is coupled with the need to recognise that they are accountable for their actions and their words.

TOLERANCE and MUTUAL RESPECT are often put together. The children know that everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it does not promote extremism. They are reminded to listen to others as they would like to be listened to and recognise that it is unacceptable to dismiss the beliefs and opinions of anyone.

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