The pupils and staff have fully embraced the Big Schools Birdwatch this year with activities ranging from creative writing to nest building, bird spotting to bird related quizzes. Some classes are sculpting paper birds while others are using the concept of ‘caged vs free’ to develop their writing skills.

The RSPB reports that, ‘Generation after generation, we’re growing ever more disconnected from nature. This has profound implications both for people and wildlife, so we’re working to help young people build a connection with the natural world.’ At Windlesham House we are mindful of the importance of nature and the role it plays in our children’s wellbeing. Fostering a love of wildlife will help our children to become guardians of nature when they grow up, they’ll become the parents who point out a robin or a wren to their children, while for now, they will also get plenty of fresh air, have lots of fun and learn a whole variety of skills.