A great maths challenge

Twenty prep and primary schools enjoyed an hour of maths challenges in the Malden Family Theatre on Tuesday! Most schools brought four pupils but we were able to enter 12 as we were hosting the event.

The afternoon was split into three rounds. Firstly an algebra substitution round called ‘Find the Values’. Edward M and Siteng C came second out of the 48 pairs in this round! The second round, ‘Counting Down’ is similar to the Channel 4 TV programme ‘Countdown’. Our pairs did well but couldn’t solve all of the calculations in this 20 minute round.

The final round involved more general problem solving with 20 challenging problems to solve.

When any pair thought they had an answer to a question, they had to run to the front of the MFT for their calculation to be marked and then round the ‘island’ of desks in their column and back to their seats. The children almost did as much exercise as they would have done had they been out at games!

An amazing pair from St Nicolas and St Mary Primary in Shoreham finished first and I was pleased that all six of our pairs finished well up in the final positions.