This week at school was filled with tech-centric learning and activities!

Year 4 to Year 8 have successfully completed their Acceptable User Agreements. Pupils are now fully informed about the expectations and rules surrounding the use of devices and technology, both inside and outside of school.

Our budding Year 2 typists have been getting to grips with the keyboard! Using the ‘Jungle Junior’ typing activity, learning their way around the keys while embarking on a fun-filled jungle adventure.

Year 3 tech enthusiasts delved into online safety with the Google Interland safety platform. A fun and educational way to understand the importance of being safe online! Next week they will start their digital writing unit.

In Year 4, the world of Desktop Publishing was unveiled to pupils. Using Google Slides, they embarked on creating simple yet charming posters about themselves.

Audio Production was the focus in Year 6 and is now the talk of the playground. They’ve just begun their journey into this fascinating subject by exploring different layers of audio.

In Year 7, it’s all about understanding the influence of media. They’ve initiated their exploration of media marketing and the messages they convey.

Moving beyond mere slide-making, Year 8 is now delving into the art and science of creating powerful presentations.

On Saturday, our Windlesham Diploma students dived deeper into the realm of Python coding. The focus was on understanding the power and versatility of variables.