Reception enjoyed our watery themed activities this week. They were digging at the ‘beach’! Our deep sand pit in our Pre-Prep playground was a wonderful place to pretend to be digging by the sea. All sorts of sea creatures were uncovered in the sand as well as many dinosaur bones. Careful brushing of the sand off our finds revealed the smallest of dinosaur bones!

Year 1 has been learning about different types of plants that may have been grown in castle gardens. We planted a selection of our own this week and look forward to tending to them over the summer term. We have also been on a mission to master the names of various parts of a castle in anticipation of next Tuesday’s school trip to Arundel – ‘portcullis’ has proven a tricky word to remember!

Year 2 has been learning about different celebrations, including the Japanese children’s festival of Kodomo No Hi. The children made colourful carp kites to celebrate their individual strengths and talents and had great fun testing them outside! They have also been busy wizards in the classroom, making different potions and designing their own shrinking recipes ready for an imaginative adventure next week.

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