On Thursday afternoon, Years 1 & 2 performed ‘Gabriel’s Big Break’. Mrs Clarke, who said as nativities go it was ‘on another level,’ and Mrs Johnstone were so very proud of all the children. Using the drama studio, rather than the theatre as a performance space, demonstrated the staff being ‘explorers’ and taking risks with their creativity. It’s a challenging space with no amplification, the audience so close and well lit. However, the children were courageous, remembered what they had been taught and put on a terrific show for their audience.

The production featured solo singing, ballet, advanced choreography within the full cast numbers, swirly stars, disco lights and a scene that looked like the children were glowing in candlelight.

Parents praised the singing saying it was extraordinary for their age – Mrs Le Manquais really brought the best out of them all! The Pre-Prep staff were wonderful at supporting throughout and made sure every child shone as a true individual as well as being part of a dynamic team. Mrs Jenkins could not be prouder of all the shining stars in the Pre-Prep and is very relieved that the audience laughed at all her additional jokes written especially for Year 1.

Mrs Sutherland declared ‘children, you have just made Christmas!’

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