Windlesham House Debating Challenge

This week, we hosted a very exciting inaugural Windlesham House Debating Challenge. Year 7 & 8 teams from Portsmouth Grammar School (PGS), Westbourne House, Lancing Hove and Windlesham House went head to head with some excellent debates.

The day started with workshops, ‘just a minute’ and mini debates which enabled the pupils to break the ice and get to know one another. Following the icebreakers, the real debates began.

Windlesham House versus Lancing Prep (Year 7) – Fast food should be banned – Windlesham proposing

PGS versus Westbourne (Year 7) – All sport should be mixed in schools – PGS proposing

Westbourne versus Windlesham House (Year 8) – You should always be obedient – Westbourne proposing

Lancing Prep versus PGS (Year 8) – Animals should not be used for human gain – Lancing prep proposing

Year 8 judged Year 7 debates for the different schools and vice versa.

All pupils participating had exemplary debating etiquette, controlled their emotions, and expressed themselves displaying intellect and maturity which was impressive. They were always respectful and polite and listened to what everyone had to say without interrupting.

The event was concluded with a vote of thanks given by Nuala R, Year 6. This was delivered with confidence and thought mentioning the highlights of the day.

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