This year, the introduction of the Windlesham Diploma into the Year 7 timetable, has enabled the children to develop their knowledge and skills around leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurship. Taking on roles of managing director, finance director, marketing director, product development director and sustainability director, the children set up their own companies aimed at selling products at the Christmas fair to make a profit for charity. Each group was allowed a £20 budget for resources, however very few groups used this, seeking support and donations from other sources.

Sustainability was a key element of product development ensuring that there was a deeper understanding of where this challenge fits in with the UN Sustainability Goals.

On Saturday, the sports hall was alive with selling and marketing. The children were joined by Year 8 pupils who had also been working along the same theme and created some wonderful interactive games. These involved throwing presents down the chimney, snowballs through the snowy scene and pin the nose on Rudolph.

Everyone worked so hard to make the fair the enormous success it was, and we could not be prouder of the huge £1,968.22 profit the children made!