As we begin our week-long commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the 1944 D-Day Landings, it seemed appropriate to take a trip up to our roof to revisit some of our unique WW2 history.

With the pupils safely evacuated to the Lake District, Canadian soldiers made Windlesham House their home until 1944 as they prepared to play their role as part of the invasion force. Using the school grounds for invaluable training, they left their mark on the lead roof (and other areas!). They are still visible today.

With beacons being lit across the country, we gathered as a boarding community on the front lawn to light a beacon and remember their and others’ sacrifice and bravery.

Mr Farrer led an assembly earlier in the day for the whole school, focussing on what Operation Overlord looked like, who was involved and why it was such an important turning point in the 20th century.

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