Half term is always a useful time to reflect on recent initiatives and plan for the future. We firmly believe a child centred approach to teaching and learning is to ensure the best possible individualised outcomes for every pupil. It struck us some time ago that despite our innovative use of digital technology, as with all schools, our classroom layouts and basic functions haven’t changed for hundreds of years. Aspirations for our pupils is to become autonomous learners making their own decisions in a flexible environment whilst supporting and engaging their learning.

This term, following months of research, we introduced a new way of learning through our flexible classrooms. Six weeks into the term, the results have been outstanding. Children have chosen the classroom area which best suits their learning preferences ensuring they are comfortable, engaged and enjoying the lessons. With zones for learning, outcomes have risen as learning is creative, fast-paced and rigorous.

The outcomes have been outstanding with the introduction of our flexible classrooms. Our children could not agree more – ‘It has helped me focus more in difficult lessons’, ‘I’m more independent’, ‘It feels more spacious and relaxing’ and ‘I have a better connection with my teacher’.

As Windlesham House continues on its flexible classroom journey, we are committed to innovation and have the courage to make the changes necessary to ensure our pupils flourish for their futures.