The first choice prep school providing a high quality, innovative and distinctive education in a creative and inspirational environment. 


 To provide a stimulating, nurturing and safe environment where pupils are happy and develop into confident, independent learners who embrace challenge, gain a lifelong love of learning, are prepared to take risks and have kind and generous hearts. 


It aims to achieve this by: 

●     Providing educational excellence through the provision of effective, inspiring and stimulating teaching to pupils of all abilities.

●     Encouraging enthusiasm for learning and enabling each pupil to achieve their potential;

●     Maintaining outstanding teaching and learning whilst providing a broad, forward-looking and innovative curriculum at all levels;

●     Sustaining a supportive and happy environment where the individual and spiritual needs of the pupils and staff are recognised and provided for within a community that celebrates diversity;

●     Attracting, developing and retaining exceptional staff in every sphere whose commitment to the children is transformational;

●     Encouraging self-confidence, self-motivation and self-discipline within a safe, nurturing and caring community.

●     Communicating and collaborating closely with parents to understand their expectations and aspirations;

●     Preparing each child to gain entry to, and flourish at a leading senior school;

●     Continually seeking opportunities to grow and develop through the investment in first-class facilities and resources to support the school’s aims;

●     Ensuring a bespoke and modern boarding environment tailored to each pupil’s individual needs.