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Scholarships 2019

Our ‘all-rounder’ scholarships reward excellence for new pupils starting in years 3 to 7 and provide opportunities for children who demonstrate outstanding all round potential.

Candidates will need to choose two disciplines from: Academic, Sport, Music, Drama, Art and ICT. There will be an assessment day for those applying for an all-rounder scholarship on the 8th March 2019. The child’s assessment day will commence at 9:30 am and lunch will be provided. The day is scheduled to end at 4pm when children should be collected. If any parents would like a tour of the school, this can be organised for 9.30am.

The award for an all-rounder scholarship is worth up to 75% remission off school fees (subject to means testing) and is open to external candidates in years 3 to 7 to commence the following September (2019).

All candidates must have good academic potential and will be expected to show a high level of ability across all areas tested including the interviews. We will expect each scholar to maintain a consistently high level of effort and attainment in all subject areas. They will also be expected to participate enthusiastically in the extra-curricular life of the school.

All candidates must be registered with the School prior to entering the scholarship process and all applications must be received by the 8th February 2019. Click here for an application form. For a registration form and further information please email scholarships@windlesham.com


Windlesham All-Rounder Scholarships Assessment Day

8th March 2019 at 9.30am

All candidates will take written verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning tests which will assess underlying academic potential.

Candidates should choose 2 of the following areas to be assessed in:


Those offering ‘academic’ as one of their chosen areas are expected to be academically placed in the top quarter of their current year group. They will take additional tests in Maths and English. They will be assessed on national curriculum, age appropriate material.

Art and Design:

An art scholar is a pupil who demonstrates a natural talent and flair within art. They must also be hard working and willing to come to the art room to work on creative projects in their free time. They should bring a folder of artwork to show on the day of the scholarship interview. This may include 3D which has been produced in design technology, that shows off their skill, commitment, enthusiasm and creative thinking. Scholarship candidates will be given a still life to draw on the day of the art scholarship and they must show that they can observe detail, shape, tone and texture using graphite pencil.


If a child is offering music as part of an all-rounder scholarship, then the following should be considered:

What instrument do they play? Have they done any grades? Do they play in any ensembles/sing in any choirs? Grades are not the be-all and end-all of assessing a child’s ability, so children who have not followed the ‘traditional’ route should not be discouraged from applying. On the day, the candidate will have a 10 minute window to perform for the Director of Music. They should offer a piece on each instrument they play, including singing that shows a diverse range of playing styles and techniques. If they only play one instrument, they should offer a couple of pieces that also show a diverse range of styles and techniques. They will also have a 5 minute ‘interview’ about their musical interests with the Director of Music.

ICT (Computing and Digital skills):

In a world where we are surrounded by technology, a vital 21st Century skill is the ability to program, control and create with digital tools. To be recognised as a ICT scholar a child must demonstrate a good level of ability in a variety of computer science applications, technologies and software. An ability to code using simple languages would add value to an application. In addition, they would need to display a hunger for knowledge regarding any aspect of computing and be committed and motivated to work on projects related to these areas. They would need to produce a digital portfolio of their work and to be able to discuss the use of computers in the wider world and be aware of new innovations and technologies.


Candidates will be expected to demonstrate a level of skill that is exceptional to someone of this age level. There will be a practical assessment which looks at their fitness levels as well as their skills in the chosen sport(s). The interview process will be an important part of the overall assessment.

Candidates should produce a record of their sporting achievements to date and send this in advance.


A drama scholar should have a keen interest in drama both in and out of school. Experience of LAMDA or Trinity College speech and drama examinations is not a pre-requisite, but experience of performing in productions outside of the candidate’s school setting would be preferred. A drama scholar should be able to discuss their own characterisation (voice, face, body language) and their experiences of live theatre (lights, direction, costuming) with some degree of maturity and be an exceptional actor for their age. A drama scholar is a co-operative team player and very much a role model on and off the stage. There will be a short interview with the Head of Drama and candidates should prepare the following to perform:

For female candidates, please prepare this version of Veruca Salt’s speech:

(Veruca demands everything she wants from her father and he always gives in. Veruca wants to win a golden ticket to get to see inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. This is her story.)

As soon as I told my father, I simply had to have one of those tickets, he went out and started buying up all the Wonka chocolate bars he could lay his hand on. Then he had them loaded on to trucks and sent directly to his own factory.

‘Ok girls!’ He says, ‘From now on you can stop shelling peanuts and start shelling the wrappers off these Wonka bars instead.’

Three days went by and we had no luck. Every time I came home, I would scream at him, ‘Where’s my golden ticket? I want my golden ticket!’

Then suddenly, on the fourth day, one of the workers yelled, ‘I’ve got my golden ticket!’

Now I’m all smiles and we have a happy home once again.

For male candidates, please prepare this version of Mike TV’s speech:

‘Did you just ask me to turn off my TV? Are you CRAZY? In the middle of my favourite program?

I won’t be able to answer your questions until the station break. If the country wants to hear from me, the country will have to wait! I’m busy now!

Wow! What a great show! I don’t want to miss this scene. I love the part when the soldier fights the bad guys! I love cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, Gangsters!’

Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What do you love about drama?
  • What play have you seen that you enjoyed and why?
  • What part have you played that you enjoyed and why?


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