This week, Windlesham House hosted Hurst a Years 5 – 6 friendly swimming gala. It was the usual busy event with lots of swimmers and a great deal of determination. Everyone swam brilliantly with special mentions to:

Eliana O – Year 5 – 1st place 50m Front Crawl & 25m Fly, 2nd place 50m Fly

Obaro O – Year 6 –  1st place 50m Front crawl

Genevieve H-H – Year 5 – 2nd place 25m breaststroke

Tennessee M – Year 6 – 1st place 50m breaststroke

Siteng C – Year 6 – 1st place 50m breaststroke

Alexis A – Year 5 – 2nd place 50m breaststroke & 25m fly

Eva A – Year 6 – 1st place 50m fly

Year 6 girls medley relay – 1st place

Year 6 girls front crawl relay – 1st Place

This gala was a great warm up to the IAPS qualifiers which Windlesham House will be hosting next week

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