The Windlesham Jaguars, a group of young athletes who had only started playing NFL Flag American Football 18 months ago, defied all odds and achieved remarkable success in the South of England regional tournament. Their incredible performance led them to the national championships, where they entered as the second-to-last seeded team. Despite being considered rank outsiders, the Jaguars displayed exceptional teamwork and determination, surprising everyone with their outstanding performances.

The day began with a nerve-wracking first game at the prestigious NFL facility in Tottenham Hotspur stadium, with media attention surrounding them. However, the Jaguars managed to overcome their initial jitters and worked together like a well-oiled machine. Led by their flawless quarterback, Laith, the offensive unit orchestrated impressive plays, securing a 20-8 victory against Christ the King Primary School. The team’s defence, led by Max and the fierce Hugo, executed their responsibilities to perfection, contributing significantly to the win.

In their next group game against Stoneyhurst, a formidable opponent who held a higher ranking, the Jaguars faced a tough challenge. Nevertheless, Ellie and the offense showed great resilience and determination, prevailing with the narrowest margin possible, winning 7-6. This victory propelled them undefeated into the top group for the quarterfinals, setting the stage for even tougher battles ahead.

Facing Houghton school in the quarterfinals, the Jaguars executed ferocious defending from Christina, Bertie, and Max. However, the smart play from Laith and Howard, coupled with the exceptional skills of Barnaby, Evan and Wilf, eventually enabled the Jaguars to squeeze out another hard-fought victory, triumphing once again by a score of 7-6.

As if the journey couldn’t get any more surreal, the Jaguars found themselves in the semi-finals against the reigning champions and tournament favourites, Little Ealing C of E primary. Fresh on their return from the Flag world championships, faced with this formidable opponent, the Jaguars unleashed their carefully crafted defensive strategy and

Advancing to the final, the Jaguars faced Lings Primary School, a team whose speed and strength proved to be a challenge too great to overcome. Despite their most valiant efforts, our Jaguars had to settle for the runners-up position on this occasion.  Nevertheless, their journey was filled with surprises, excitement, NFL stars shouting for us on the sidelines and they had delivered an outstanding performance for their first time competing at such a high level.

The Windlesham Jaguars’ journey in NFL Flag American Football has been nothing short of remarkable. They have learned invaluable lessons, gained incredible experiences, and showcased the true spirit of this new and exciting all-inclusive sport. The future looks bright for the Windlesham Jaguars, and they have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the NFL Flag American Football community as well as our cementing their place in Flag history as the first team form the newly formed southern NFL region.