Head of Pre-Prep : Melanie Lambert

Windlesham House School Pre-Prep is affectionately known as Little Windlesham and welcomes day children aged from 4 to 7.  The Pre-Prep exudes a friendly, family atmosphere and offers  children exciting opportunities that make it very a special place.

Our strong child-centred ethos ensures that the learning environment we provide gives children a secure foundation for life. We believe that all children need a positive and caring environment in which they feel secure. Through this they can flourish and develop the self-confidence and self-esteem which will help carry them through the challenges of life.  We achieve this by fostering a developmental approach to learning where the children are happy to ‘have a go’ and are not afraid of making mistakes.

Pre-Prep is also a place for exploring creativity. It is important that we encourage creative thought in the younger generation in order that they develop vital problem solving skills to enable them to embrace the challenges of the future.

Our cross-curricular approach encourages children to make links in their learning across all subjects.  We place great emphasis on developmental stages and encourage children to believe in their own abilities in all areas. Every child comes to school with many skills and talents and, as teachers, we are here to help each individual reach their potential in all curriculum areas. Our beautiful grounds play an important role in delivering a balanced curriculum, with ‘Forest School’ providing a wonderful, and popular learning environment.

Ensuring children feel supported is a cornerstone for learning and we provide many opportunities through our excellent induction programme to get to know both children and their parents.  A close working relationship between staff and parents is vital and we offer an ‘open-door’ policy where we warmly welcome feedback from families. As a forward thinking department we have adopted ‘Tapestry’, an on-line Early Years record keeping system which parents can access and contribute to.  This in no way replaces face-to-face contact, but enhances your opportunities to follow your child’s progress. The more we know about your child, the better we can teach them!

The printed word can never truly convey the essence of a school, so do please come and visit us to experience our school in action. We offer an exceptional environment in which your child’s individuality is cherished.