Around 220 music lessons are delivered each week by our fantastic team of instrumental music teachers; the music department is a busy and creative part of the school. Throughout the term there are many different performance opportunities for children to showcase their skills, and one of the schools favourites is the informal concerts, held before long weekends and half term holidays. The children sign themselves up to perform when the list goes up, and a couple of year groups are invited to come and watch – parents are most welcome too! The diverse range of music we hear is always amazing, and the concert we held before the half term break was a great example. For the first time ever, we had performers from right across the school from the pre-prep to year 8; from a very first performance to some astonishing Grade 8 level playing; Bassoons, Marimba, Saxophone, Singing, Piano and more; solos, duos, trios, even some dancers!