“Find out what audiences thought of the productions”

Tom Crean


“On the 11th of March there was a MFT talking about an Atlantic explorer named Tom Crean played by Aiden Dooley. I personally think it was very good but it just took a bit too long. He talked about the first time he went to the Atlantic with the ship named “Discovery” because they discovered something new. He talked about how he wanted to reach the South Pole from the North Pole. Every time they stop to build a camp four people have to go back to the discovery. The healthiest four have to carry on to the South Pole. Tom Crean sadly wasn’t one of those four but he was lucky that he didn’t go because those who went did never return; in fact they were dead on the way back.
Then we had a little break so the children can go and get an ice cream (it was delicious!). After that we needed to go back to the theatre. Tom Crean went on a second adventure to the North Pole with Captain Scott on the ship named “expedition”. The ship got stuck but they got their way to the closest place where there was water with a life boat being dragged. They shipped to the nearest island named “Elephant Island” because there were lots of seals that looked like elephants. Only six people went again to sail to the nearest island that has inhabitants they found one and everyone was saved.
So that was my review about Tom Crean.”

– Kaming Vancoillie

Alien Zoo Reviews

“Alien Zoo where utterly incredible. Their bendy bodies and street dancing was just insane, i did not know people could be so flexible, it left most people wanting to sign up and trying to do peek a bo with their feet!

The hooler hooping was amazing, as was when the little children came on, especially the puppy girl, who most people where saying was just adorable, and the girl who could do practically anything was wonderful, showing of her skillage. It was amazing to watch people our age move like that, and adults too. I really liked the dance at the end with everyone that lasted around ten minutes, everyone wanted to get up and move with them.

It was a really good evening and hopefully they will return to Windlesham and maybe we will even see some of the pupils in the show?”

– Bea Age 13

Alien Zoo in Malden Family Theatre in Washington
“Phenomanal… Infinity was incredible. It is almost hard to put it in words. The tricks they did were amazing. I am not into dance very much but that performance had me sitting on the edge of my seat. The childrens ages varied and the younger ones were mixed with the older ones. They all seemed to have a close connection with each other. The showed was modern dance including: Gymnastics, ballet, streetdancing and circus acts. The show in total was breath taking. I loved the show and would definatly go see it again.

Thank you very much for orginising the show i loved it!!!!”

– Helena Age 12

“Infinity was an amazing performance, combining strength, incredible spirit and amazing tricks which made me say “wow” every time.

The ballet twirls with the hoops were amazing, and I was off my seat with amazement. The girls bending their bodies impossibly far combined with the men doing flips and tricks with a diablo was a novelty and deserves 5 stars.

I generally don’t give standing ovations but this performance was truly astonishing and I am quite sure that everyone left in outrage, as to me, the show was way too short.

This was natural talent, if I tried for ages to do this, I wouldn’t succeed.
This was a jaw-dropping performance and deserves 10/10.”

– Rory Age 11

“When I first walked into the theatre, the first thing I saw was a big tractor in the middle of the room and it amazed me. I wondered what the play would be like. It was amazing when we got into the story! I read war horse and that helped a lot to understand the story! I loved how they pretended with the chair, that the chair was the horses and the plow! It was great! It wsa one of the best MFT’s ever! “

– Juliette Age 11

Farm Boy Reviews

“About twice a term, actors come to perform for us. The latest one was ‘Farm boy’ by Michael Morpugo. Two men came and acted it out for us. They had a big old fashioned tractor in the middle and the play started, and finished with the younger of the two actors saying ‘When I was a young boy, I would drive this tractor all over the farm. It didn’t matter to me that it wasn’t moving, because I was th farmer, just like my Grandpa.’ It was a very good performance based around an old man who couldn’t read or write, so he asked his grandson. They used the tractor and a chair to be lots of different things. For instance the tractor was a horse, and the chair was a plough.
Over all, it was a very entertaining performance and I enjoyed it thoroughly.”

– Abigail Age 9

Farm Boy by Michael Morpurgo in Malden Family Theatre in Washington
“Farm Boy was a magnificent play acted by two men, one as the Grandson and one as the Grand-father. The play was about the Grandson having to leave he Grand-fathers farm to go off to Australia. The first scene was about the Grandson trying to fix the old tractor that lay in the garage and Grand- father comes and tells the story of how he got the tractor and why it was such a special story.The Grand-Father also tells the story of the horse called Joey and how he had become a War Horse. The second scene was about him teaching his Grand-Father to read and how he fixes the tractor remarcably. “

– Avalon Age 13

Out Of The Blue Reviews

“I thought the MFT was amazing. I wouldn’t be able to do something like that!

It was very clever to do it without any music. I enjoyed it so much and I really wish they could come back again. I wonder who else maybe in this school could do something like that. I was thinking they could sing in assembly instead of listening to music. I got an autograph of one of them and I was so happy afterwards. I really love it! “

– Alex Boer Age 11

Out of the Blue in Malden Family Theatre in Washington
“I thought the M.F.T was amazing and i really liked it because some of my favourite songs were in it they were fantastic. I thought they had some super and fantastic voices and they touched me so much and know i really like them and I’m at home going to go on there web site and send them a email.

I know now that i would like to be a singer and they were amazing fabulous fantastic they had such great voices when some of them are older they might be in a band with each other or just one of them they were just so amazing and lovely to hear. If there would of been a vote of the songs i would chose up town girl because the made a great sound with their throat and they were really good. “

– Iona Age 9

“I thought, to be perfectly honest, that Out of the Blue was going to be slightly boring, but, obviously, I was wrong. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I loved choice of songs because I knew everyone and it just made me want to sing along! The difference in character they did with every song was brilliant and it drew you in. I particularly loved ‘In the Jungle’. It was hilarious. I would recommend it to all age groups and I definetly want to see it again. “

– Ellie Age 11

“I Thought the M.F.T was amazing.At the start It was really funny when he waved his head from side to side. After the interval when the dead violin in itscase and it sounded screechy and horrible it was verry funny.I loved the M.F.T it was my best one so far and i loved it. At the end it was fun when then the bold man had drums on his back that was good. I loved the bit at the very end when tennis ball went up in the air and one of my friends got a tennis ball. I wish we could have another perphormance.”

– Iona Age 9

Pluck Reviews

“Pluck was a great musical performance making everyone laugh their heads off.

The trio was made up of a lady playing the cello and two other men playing the violin.

One of the men was always wanting to have center attention whilst the other two were always getting fed up with that so they were doing sneaky things like making funny faces!

I really liked the bit when the lady fell in love with a man in the crowd. And the two men also found someone in the crowd!!! “

– Laura Age 12

Pluck in Malden Family Theatre in Washington
“The MFT ‘Pluck’ on Tuesday 21st September 2010 was a specatcular and hilarious event. The perfomance was based on three people; one who played the cello, one who played the viola and the third person played the violin. It made me laugh so much that in the end it led to crying. The threesome played lots of classical music but with a twist and I often found myself guessing what piece it was that they were playing but I usually guessed wrong. I would definetly rate it 10/10! “

– Laurine Age 13

Raven Reviews

“Dear Louisa the MFT is an incredible concert that really changed my opinion about violins. It was entertaining and it was sooooo good I can’t find words to describe it. At first when I knew it was about violins I thought it was really, really boring but then I found it quite fun. I spent a lot of time laughing with Ellie about the broken strings and the sad face that the blond girl pulled when she was playing the really high notes. I also found the bicycle horns hilarious!

You’re right the girls were very pretty! My favourite song was ‘we could have had it all’ by Adel I think they played it just like Adel’s music!
I wouldn’t say it was the best MFT I have ever seen, but it even made me consider learning the violin. I can’t wait to see the next MFT.”

– Claudia Age 13

Raven in Malden Family Theatre in Washington
“I and many others found raven an amazing seat gripping performance and the relationship between the four women was very close as they always seemed to know when to do the solos and swap places in the piece from second violin to first or first to second part the way through the performance there where a few out of tune parts but that is normal for the FREEZING COLD theatre so the violins decided to freeze themselves out of tune. I think EVERYONES favourite piece was the mix of Adele songs because at the end of the show everyone wanted another different kind of Adele song mix or even the same all we could here was the chanting of Adele’s name for another song! My favourite out of the group of young talented musicians it was the celloist that caught my eye using her head to express the parts of the song. Overall this performance was fantastic and one to be remembered throughout everyone’s lives because that is probably one of my favourite MFT’s since 2008. “

– Rhiannon Age 13

“On Tuesday, some lucky Windlesham pupils signed up to watch the fantastic performance of our favourite musicians, Raven!

Many of the people who got to watch their magnificent show should be inspired to take on the violin. Even I, Issy Clarke, of all people now just wants to just pick up one of those violins and begin to play. The four girls began their recital by introducing first themselves, then the piece of music they would be playing for us. There were some well-known songs, such as the famous and much loved Rolling in the Deep by Adele which got us all tapping our feet, and one from a popular singer from AGES ago called…. drumroll please…….. AMY WINEHOUSE who is SO naff these days. Their music varied from soft calm pieces then suddenly, snap, to upbeat, crazy music! I loved it how they communicated with the audience when they were introducing what they would be playing, and sometimes made us guess what it was. My favourite was Rolling in the Deep, but I’m sure many others have different opinions. Even so, each piece was perfectly in time, and their wasn’t one time where they went wrong on a note. It was a very impressive recital, and I was hooked by the music. “

– Issy Age 10

Swamp Juice Reviews

“Swamp juice was amazing at first I thought it would be all sounds and him playing with his stuff but then he started using his puppets and the lights to create such a cool effect of the shadows. He was very resourceful of the eqquipment he had and got the crowd envolved. The simple storyline of a couple animals and an evil man can seem really funny and entertaining when put into this light. One of the best things that he did was the 3D it really put everything to life and it look like you could touch it and was so much better than in the movie theatre. All togehter i think Swamp juice is fun and wacky and I would love to watch it again. “

– Danielle Age 11

Swamp Juice in Malden Family Theatre in Washington
“i loved swamp juice…
it was so magical and when the jellyfish went up to my face i squeeled so loud that everyone else stared at me.
it was really exciting and it included the audience a lot, i think the best puppets were the snails and how they were soooo funny!
the bird i felt sorry for bieng taken away from her little child, it was hallarious when the snail ate his hair is was just SOOO funny,i think it wsa the best so far, but it was a little dark…
i loved it so mush,”

– Elise Age 9

“It was amazing and I thought he most have worked so hard to was very interesting how he got it in 3D it was very interesting how learnt to make those puppets he is very talented man and I think he should continue making his spectacular shows and puppets I squealed about ten or 15 times it was very good I think that he is very good and I am pleased that I could watch his magnificent show and I think that he should be very proud of his achivments.It was very good. “

– Motolani Age 9