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Windlesham promotes an open approach to religious education

At Windlesham, children are given the opportunity to explore a wide variety of topics within their Religious Studies including: world religions, biblical scripture, contemporary issues, significant people, current affairs and moral dilemmas. We consider Religious Studies to be a key part of each child’s education and try to gradually go deeper into the issues relating to religious belief and ethics in a way that is applicable to the age, stage and personal beliefs of the pupils. Of course, we are also keen to stretch pupils and encourage them to look further down the track to help them tackle some of the harder questions that they will face in life – perhaps around morals, ethics, and religious beliefs.

RS enhances pupils’ awareness and understanding of the variety of religions and beliefs, teachings, practices and forms of expression, as well as of the influence of religion on individuals, families, communities and cultures. They will begin to grapple with some of the questions that surround religious debate today and explore some of the more philosophical questions that the subject inevitably raises.

The department provides a stimulating learning environment through dedicated teaching, display, artefacts, audio-visual material, music, art, drama, cultural insights, and, wherever possible and appropriate, external visits and outside speakers.

Our Aim

Children learn through questioning, through listening to each other’s views, while being open to be challenged by what each member of the class has to say. A crucial part of this process is developing the skills needed to empathise with the often diverse views of others and to be able to thrive in a multi-cultural environment.

RS makes a unique and dynamic contribution to the spiritual, moral and cultural development of our pupils. By studying contemporary issues such as crime and punishment, just war theory, euthanasia, human rights, martyrdom and human nature, we will provide our pupils with the knowledge and tools required to succeed in modern Britain.

Windlesham has an open approach to religious education and promotes a forum for discussion within the teaching of the subject, in a way that is attractive to pupils of all cultural backgrounds. The school is supportive to those of all religious faiths.

Jon Stephens, Head of Philosophy and Ethics