There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.


The Cookery room at Windlesham is well equipped and used by all the pupils for lessons and after school clubs.

Cookery is taught from reception all the way up to Year 7 which allows our pupils to become such confident young cooks!

The pupils learn more than the basic cookery skills, we dive further in to understanding about healthy eating and nutrition and why it is good for us.

Topics also discussed are the food technology including areas of packaging, the industrial processes and the distribution of food from farm to supermarket.

″We love learning to bake at School, the cakes are delicious!″

Finn Aged 9

Windlesham Bake Off

Every year we run a ‘Windlesham Bake Off’ competition between the six houses. The competition is open to all pupils from year 5 and above.

We also have a ‘Christmas Cake Club’ for all year 6 pupils with the children getting to take home and enjoy their delicious treats with their family.