There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.

Creativity and Inspiration

The art department at Windlesham provides a creative, inspiring, and hugely enjoyable learning environment where children can develop their imaginative and artistic skills within our specialist art rooms. We have a team of skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic art and craft specialists who support and encourage pupils of all abilities to realize their full potential.

Through the learning of art and craft, children readily develop self-confidence, creative and critical thinking, visual sensitivity and art appreciation as well as an increased dexterity and fine motor skills. These skills will remain with them for life and will prepare them for their next school – where they may opt to take GCSE art.

″Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure & love of play.″

Henri Matisse

Pupils artwork fills the school

Windlesham’s art room is open for lessons, activity sessions and also free time study. Pupils are encouraged to draw whenever they can to build up their portfolios. Our art library is well stocked and continues to grow. In addition, we have The Studio where pottery, graphic design, silkscreen /lino printing, batik, silk painting, glass fusing and mosaic are taught.

Between the two art rooms is a computer suite where we have access to resources in this area for research and design. iPads are available for pupils to use to develop their art projects further. The display of artwork created in lessons and activities is highly valued and is displayed around the school.

Miranda Clark, Head of Art