Termly Day and Boarding Fees

Year Group Termly
Full Boarding
Part Time Boarder:
Three Nights Per Week
Part Time Boarder:
Two Nights Per Week
Year 8 £7,936 £9,573
Year 7 £7,936 £9,573
Year 6 £7,936 £9,573 £9,136 £8,736
Year 5 £7,571 £9,299 £8,771 £8,371
Year 4 £7,571 £9,299 £8,771 £8,371
Year 3 £5,772 £7,436 £6,972 £6,572
Year 2 £3,598
Year 1 £3,092
Reception £3,092

Deposit Prep : £1,000
Deposit Pre-Prep : £800
International Pupils : £1,500 per term in addition to termly fees
Short Term Students : Surcharge of £1,000 per term will apply to any child joining for one year or less.
English for Speakers of Other Languages : £25 per session

Music Fees *
Instrument and singing tuition £295 per term (1/2 lessons available for Reception and 8s)
Instrument Hire £45 per instrument per term
Aural £18 per term
Theory £23 per term
£35 per hour
Charge for individual activities as advised termly
Learning and Development
Individual lesson
Shared lesson
Group lesson
Up to £45 per session
Up to £23 per session
Up to £15 per session
Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Counselling
Charges to be advised after consultation with the pupil to assess level of support required.
Other Items
Horsham/Petworth minibus £5.50 per trip
Putney Bus £25 per trip
Personal accident insurance No charge
School fees protection 1.05% of Termly fees
AXAPPP Health Insurance £100 per term
Personal Effects Insurance £8.60 per term
WHA Lifetime Subscription £75 (single payment when leaving)
Book Fair Information
In order to encourage the children to read more and to choose their own books, we hold a Book Fair at the beginning of each term where pupils may purchase books.

There is also the facility within the school for them to order books from the local bookshop or Amazon.co.uk and this is orgnaised by the school Librarian. Suggested reading lists for each year group can be found on the Library section of the website and Parent Portal. We set a limit of £20 per term for each child and any books purchased are added to your bill.

If you would prefer your child not to have this facility, or to have a different allowance please contact Gill King, Librarian, direct on gking@windlesham.com or telephone her on 01903 874709.

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