“Design is where science and art break even” – Robin Mathew

Head of Department : Stuart Edwards

The aim of the Design, Technology and Art department is to allow each child to develop their creativity by giving them experience in a wide range of materials and techniques – from traditional skills to modern technological processes. The creativity and enthusiasm that children bring to the subject creates a unique atmosphere to work in, and helps to nurture skills key to senior school subjects and activities. The department plays a major role in the school activity programme, offering activities ranging from Glass fusing and Raku pottery to felt-making and robotics. The children are encouraged to use the art room in their free time and the workshop is available for personal projects in the mornings.

The department has a highly experienced team of staff who encourage the children to be experimental in their work, while honing skills. All the children are expected to reach a good level of competency in producing designs which they can realise confidently in a range of materials. Through a wide variety of projects they will also learn a range of key life skills, from sewing a button to wiring a plug.

Windlesham Tops 1000mph

You may have seen news of the Bloodhound SSC in the media recently. This is the British Engineering challenge to build a car, the Bloodhound, to break the landspeed record by topping 1000mph.

Here at Windlesham, we are following the progress closely and we are very excited to announce that the Bloodhound will have our name on it.

The car’s fin is going to be covered in names of people who have made donations to the programme and Windlesham is one of them. For more information on the Bloodhound and to get your name on the car, visit www.bloodhoundssc.com

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