The last few weeks has seen pupils working incredibly hard on their projects!

Year 4 have been very busy building their wood and card jinx buggies and have managed very successfully to use balloon power to propel them along. The next phase after half term will turn their buggies into land yachts and use sails to power them. The sail designs will be paramount to how far and fast they manage to travel. Year 5 have been working hard to follow the wasting process to make their acrylic keyrings using saws, files and wet and dry paper and have been learning to use the sewing machines in textiles to construct their survival night bags. Year 8 have been working on their clocks; responding to the brief in a variety of materials and using a range of processes including computer aided design and manufacture. We are also very excited to have our 3D printer fired up and running which will add a new dimension to our 3D CAD work.

Finally an update on our new machinery kindly donated by the parents of the Year 8 leavers last summer. We are now processing our waste plastic and off cuts from the department using the new shredder which will be turned into new resources and materials for the department.

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