On Monday 11 March, ten drama scholars went to Cranleigh School to enjoy a production on Leonard Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story.’ The children were briefed before the production about the narrative of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ from which ‘West Side Story’ is drawn. They were encouraged to look out for the overall dramatic impact of the visual elements and a potential social comment that relates to current affairs. We also discussed choreography through storytelling. This was apparent during the ‘Mambo’ sequence when the warring gangs are defined through rhythm and physicality.  It was a delight to see Windlesham OWL, Kyle S, featuring in the role of Chico. The drama scholars were impressed with the darkness and foreboding he brought to the role. Cranleigh used a flexible space and screens (just as we do here at Windlesham House) to allow the cast to create multiple scenes at once and without the need for a visible backstage team. The screens also communicated the final message about how racial violence continues.

Thoughts from the scholars:

“I loved how the light pushed through the wire fencing”

“The choreography was so good.’

“Tony’ voice was strong’ 

‘The fight looked so realistic.’

It was great to see our pupils both inspired and aware of their own strengths and potential. What better way to celebrate seven successful drama scholars in 2024!

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