Year 3 has started their human topic and are busy delving into our organs and the role they play. They had fun identifying the organs and thinking about where they are found in the body. We are pleased to report that they are already more accurate with this! We will be looking at skeletons next!

Year 4 has completed their living things topic by looking at food webs and chains. They have been identifying the different roles within a food chain and as well as learning some tricky keywords associated with this. Most will be able to tell you that our food chains always start with a producer!

Year 5 has completed their introduction to practical science. They enjoyed heating various substances and making some detailed observations. They have worked hard to understand how to write up experiments whilst thinking about the different variables within.

Some of our Year 7 pupils have been studying the physics topic: energy transfer and energy resources using different fuels to heat water to see how much energy output is given out by each different fuel source. Other pupils have been studying the chemistry topic: states of matter performed a diffusion experiment using the coloured dyes on skittles and recording time-lapse videos of their experiment. Our third year 7 class has been studying the biology topic: cells nutrition and healthy living spent time this week revising in preparation for the end-of-topic test.

Before their mock exams, Year 8 were looking into chemical reactions, including oxidation, acids and alkalis. They completed a number of practical activities made careful observations to decide whether a chemical reaction or physical change was taking place. They burnt magnesium and viewed the bright light given off through a filter.