There is plenty we can tell you about Windlesham House, but it is better to visit yourself.

We do things differently at Windlesham House

As the oldest prep school in the country (est 1837) and the first prep school to become co-educational (1967), we have always led the way in embracing the new. 

We are progressive and innovative in our ethos and approach while embracing our traditions and rich history. Focussing on the wellbeing of every child, each benefits from a first class and distinctive education full of exciting opportunities and experiences in the glorious South Downs; the grounds are alive with children building dens, climbing trees, playing golf and collecting chicken eggs.

Our outstanding programmes, including World Languages and Sports Academies, have earned us recognition across all aspects of the education we offer and provide exciting opportunities for girls and boys aged 4-13.

Recently a parent said, “there is no place like your school, I have loved watching my child blossom.”

We are delighted to be laying the foundations for the future with our Green Plan and innovative leadership Diploma and Futures Programme for Years 7 & 8.


″Windlesham House continues to thrive and nurture future generations of exceptional children.″

a current parent


We hold a 100% pass rate to senior schools and 25% of students win scholarships.

An outstanding education

We believe happy and motivated children excel academically.

Windlesham House has been rated ‘Excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and offers a wide choice of academic subjects, languages, extra-curricular activities and sports.

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A breath of fresh air

Looking back on your childhood, what memories stand out to you? Hopefully days of exploring nature, playing with friends and learning new skills…

Our beautiful 65 acres of grass and woodland, nestled in the foothills of the South Downs allows children to be children, giving space to learn, discover and play.

Our long held policy of no school uniform (within reason of course!) helps children feel relaxed in their home away from home.

There is plenty of wildlife to spot – including a family of deer, badgers, pheasants and plenty of birds. With over 1000 trees to climb, there’s plenty of scope for a treehouse or den to house adventure seekers.

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Six lane 25m swimming pool built with 64,000 tiles and holds 500,000 litres of water!

Incredible sports facilities

Sport is a big part of life at Windlesham House – how many schools do you know that have a nine hole golf course on site?

Our rural location is perfect for providing 80+ extra-curricular activities, including five acres of football, rugby, hockey and cricket pitches as well as tennis and netball courts.

All activities are led by expert coaches whose passion and energy motivates the children immensely.

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Over 150 extra-curricular activities a week

Windlesham House pupils enjoy a huge range of extra-curricular activities – from clay pigeon shooting to ballet, riding and polo, water polo and sailing to textiles and chess.

There are also opportunities for the children to enjoy camping trips and survival nights ‘in the wild’!

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″The only thing Windlesham doesn’t have is a space station; but I am sure if it was put forward to the school council, we would get one!″

Windlesham pupil