We see History as one of the most enjoyable subjects that children can learn in school and we are committed to developing an interest and an enthusiasm for the subject that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We think that it is important to develop within our students an enquiring approach towards the subject and as such students are encouraged to take an active part in lessons and learn key analytical and communication skills, both written and oral.

Our teachers ensure they fully utilise all the resources that Windlesham has to offer toward that goal. The Department has enjoyed fantastic success at both Common Entrance and Scholarship level exams at 13+ in recent years with some truly outstanding results. Selected children have competed in the national Townsend-Warner History prize and achieved top 10 results.

ICT plays an important part in the teaching of History at Windlesham. The majority of teachers enjoy the use of Interactive Whiteboards and all year groups fully utilise the ICT suite available in class and project work in every year group. History at Windlesham teaches children an enquiring and analytical mind, develops qualities of perception and judgment and helps create an awareness of differing values in creating a toleration of personal attitudes. It therefore plays a crucial part in a child’s learning and socialisation at school and the wider world.

The Department is fully committed to making History at Windlesham an exciting, dynamic and relevant subject. We endeavour to generate an interest which may influence the actions and expectations of our students within their everyday lives. The study of History at Windlesham should help students to make sense of both their immediate and more distant pasts to help them understand the world around them and the society that they will grow up in. Through this the individual pupil will find learning History an exciting and enriching experience at Windlesham.

Not only are children encouraged to participate in such competitions as the Townsend-Warner History prize but all children are extended in their learning by enjoying various outings to the wonderful array of museums and exhibitions that Sussex and the local area has to offer. Recent trips have included visits to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum and further a field to Hampton Court Palace, the National Army Museum and the Imperial War Museum. History is also well represented in the weekly scholars evening sessions performed at the school with guest speakers talking on subjects as diverse as the History of China to the History of the Universe!

Lack of historical memory is parallel to this loss of individual memory. The link on which we depend every day between the past and present would be lost if we had no memory of our history and we would miss a great source of enjoyment that comes from piecing together the story of our past. Knowledge of our history enables us to understand our nation’s traditions and its central ideas and values. We hope to encourage children to love history and to enjoy learning about it and we want to stimulate your children’s active involvement in the history that surrounds them every day, opening up a door to the past to find the passageway to today!