Head of Department: Tom Lloyd

We aim to get pupils to explore Physical and Human Geography through case studies ranging from individual countries to isolated volcanoes, as well as this we hope to develop skills in fieldwork technique, ICT skills and map work – all with an eye to preparing students for GCSE and beyond.

Windlesham is ideally placed to carry out investigations into the South Downs National Park programme, and superb grounds give ample opportunity to help understand man’s interaction with nature and concepts like micro-climates.

We have scored consistently well in CE and Scholarship exams in this subject. Windlesham students from around the world contribute first-hand knowledge of global events and local issues.

Teachers and outside speakers help to raise awareness through campaigns like “World Awareness Week”.

Geography is also kept alive in Scholars’ Evening themes, school debates, subscriptions to Geographical periodicals, Chapel sermons, and even meals with national flavours!

Our Geography results are strong because we believe in stimulating learning through a multi-sensory approach (with a range of books, worksheets, maps, press articles, posters, DVDs and computer based exercises), and regular exposure to test and exam experience to perfect skills in this area. There is close liaison between ourselves and the Learning Support staff with a view to getting the most out of each individual pupil.

The seniors at Windlesham have looked at many issues in their Fieldwork. Recently we have moved from urban studies based in near-by Findon Village to an investigation into the National Park status of the South Downs. Local farmers have helped us examine aspects of the beautiful countryside in which this school is set. The juniors travel slightly further a-field and regularly visit the Seven Sisters Country Park to investigate a river flood plain.

All the teachers in the Geography Department are committed to bringing the subject to life and bringing the pupils closer to their local environment and to an understanding of the wider world in which they will soon make a difference.