Start of term

//Start of term

It is marvellous to have the school back in full swing after the long summer holiday. We seem to be blessed with the makings of an Indian summer which is such a bonus especially as we are all settling in and have a number of new children. To be precise a quarter of the total role are new which is really good news and very exciting to see the year groups growing. To have 83% of the new intake in the Prep school boarding is really pleasing and bodes well for the year ahead.

Rachel and I are delighted with the way our new staff have all blended in and we are confident that they will undoubtedly have a highly positive impact.

I think all Heads relish the start of the new academic year (they should do!). The children always return fresh and eager to please and the staff are re-energised. We have a variety of new academic teachers who are already making their mark and we are very excited to have them here. The sea of cars on the front lawn come Sunday afternoon as we welcomed back the children and set ourselves up for the arrival of all the new boarders was a memorable sight. There is something about children, suitcases, music equipment and sports gear all tumbling out of cars that generates an atmosphere of anticipation and nervousness. The sound of everyone greeting each other catching up on their holiday news adds to the feeling of excitement that is tangible.

This year promises much; the bulldozers are working overtime on constructing our new astro turf cricket nets and our lovely new website has been extremely well received. With a newly appointed Estates Bursar getting to grips with things Windlesham is an inspiring place to be. I have every reason to be a very happy and optimistic Headmaster.

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