So much to celebrate!

//So much to celebrate!

As is usual this term is running away with us all and as I write we have had the first day of school exams. Thankfully everyone seems to have remained in good spirits and all is well. Why does the sun always shine during exams!?

Rachel and I much enjoyed attending the Boarding Schools Association Conference, which was held in London for two days. The theme was ‘Building Character’ and we came away feeling that Windlesham is well ahead of the game, especially as we have already integrated our core values with every aspect of school life.

We were delighted to be back in time to attend the celebrations of the 500 Word Story winners. My goodness, the standard of writing and the level of creativity was most impressive. You could have heard a pin drop amongst the audience, who clearly loved the narrating skills of the staff who were reading the stories. I look forward to presenting the gold, silver and bronze winners with their medals and certificates in the next Assembly.

I think BBC Radio 2 would be delighted by what we do and I have a good mind to send them a recording!

With two more Academic Scholarships and one for Art we have more to celebrate. This brings our tally up to 24 to date which is extremely pleasing.

I was also thrilled to hear that our Boys’ Athletics team was the overall winner of the Hurst Athletics Meeting for the 4th consecutive year. Added to that, our U13 girls have qualified for both the Freestyle and Medley Relay at the National I.A.P.S Swimming Finals and our Captain of Swimming for the 50m Breaststroke Finals. I believe this to be the first time we have had any swimming finalists; it just shows what a benefit it is to have a beautiful brand-new swimming pool. The girls can now brace themselves for swimming in the 50m London Olympic Pool on Saturday 8th June.

This is going to be another very busy week with interviews and several visits to Senior Schools to bid farewell to various distinguished Heads and Registrars. I feel very honoured to be making an after dinner speech on behalf of Gary Phillips at Oundle. Gary is the longest serving Registrar in the country and is hugely respected by colleagues and all us Prep School Heads.

Richard Foster


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