No mobile phones at Windlesham!

//No mobile phones at Windlesham!

Another week has flown by and the euphoria of our Eton scholarship successes still lingers and we have much more to be pleased about besides. I have also heard that three of our former pupils have just been made school prefects at Brighton College; we are all very proud of them.

Our school exams are well underway and our C.E. candidates face the first hurdle of their real exams  – modern language orals and mental mathematics.

I recently had a fellow Prep School Head staying with me which always means a good deal of comparisons are made.  Coming from the heart of the London Day School environment I was fascinated by his comments about the ever-increasing problems arising from children using their own mobile phones and other devices.  When I told him we had no such problems whilst the children were under our watch he was amazed.  I explained that our policy is not to allow any personal devices.  We more than recognise the need to have excellent I.C.T. provision and would like to think that we are a leading light in this area of the Prep School world.  We do however want to retain autonomy on how and when children of this age group are using the internet and social media.  Our cause is helped by the appalling lack of mobile signal in this area! My London Prep School Head’s only retort to me was ‘having no use of mobile phones must be your greatest selling point to any prospective and current parent’! I had honestly not seen it as that but the more I hear about colleagues despairing as to what goes on in their schools because of constant misuse of social media, the more I begin to think that it is a fantastic selling point.
Richard Foster
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