Mixed emotions!

//Mixed emotions!

The fact that I have not added anything to my blog for several weeks is indicative of what has been an unusually hectic second half of term.

The announcement of my impending retirement in July 2020 has of course meant a huge upsurge in correspondence of every variety! It has been overwhelming and the messages of goodwill continue to pour in.

I thought that this is an appropriate moment to share what I said to the children. Telling them the news was the most difficult part of the whole process.

“I have just come from a whole school Staff Meeting where the Chairman of Governors, Mr Perry, has made a big announcement which you all need to know about at the same time as your parents.

The announcement is that Mrs Foster and I will be retiring at the end of the next academic year.  As you all know, I have been a Headmaster for a very long time – 33½ years (101 terms to be precise).  You also all know it is my birthday on Thursday (well not any proper birthday – I will be 15¾. I have always said I would retire at 16 years old and it is right that I stick to this plan.

So you current Twos will be our last year of Ones and come September 2020 there will be a new Headmaster or Headmistress.  I am sure the Governors will make sure they make an excellent appointment so don’t worry about the future success of the school.

All I can do now is to ask you all to make sure these remaining 16 months are very special ones both for Mrs Foster and I but also for the whole school.   For Windlesham!”

The dust has of course long settled, and life goes on as normal and so it should.  I am very confident that the headship of Windlesham will attract an extremely strong field and I know the Governors will ensure their appointment is a very sound one indeed.

I am writing this having just seen the draft of the advertisement that is going to go live this coming Monday.  It is a very strange feeling and only strengthens the depth of both mine and Rachel’s mixed emotions.

This is such an amazing school for all sorts of reasons. It is going to be very hard to walk away from it all.

Richard Foster

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